90% Of Business Hacks Caused By Lack Of Employee Cyber Awareness

Cyber Awareness

The Cyber Awareness Pitfalls

Cyber Security threats are worryingly evolving and increasing. Not a week goes by without a major incident where a business has been hacked in the news. The impact of these incidents can be catastrophic for a business both large or small.

The biggest threat is an attack to a business through its employees. The latest reports indicate that over 90% of breaches are caused by human error. Cyber Awareness – the process of raising awareness of cyber threats – should be a critical part of an individual or business daily life.

Why Cyber Awareness Can Have An Extraordinary Effect On Your Business

Technology provides huge benefits for businesses. It provides your employees with a much more flexible and efficient way to work. As a result, businesses like yours have rapidly adopted technology in every area. This allows you to improve processes and help take your products or services to your customers.

This reliance on technology also has a downside – Cyber threats. Cyber threats take many forms. The major focus for cyber criminals is humans – employees, staff, management in your business. Because few businesses take the time to educate their employees on cyber threats. As a result, it’s a very easy way for cyber criminals to get access to a business’ systems.

An Example Attack Due To Lack Of Cyber Awareness

Cyber criminals undertake dedicated phishing campaigns. By simply sending a phishing email to your employees.  Cyber criminals are able to get employees to click on a link within the email.  This in turn allows the criminal get access to the business’ network. From there the cyber criminal can deploy their malicious malware onto your computers. Besides that, they can terrorize you with a range of activities that can affect your business in terms of productivity and financially.

A hacker has many methods of attacking you once they have access. One example could include holding your business’s important information hostage in a Ransomware attack. The impact this can have to you, can often be catastrophic with not just financial but also reputational damage. Many businesses fail to recover from such an incident. So cyber awareness is critical.

How To Encourage Cyber Awareness – And Win!

The good news is there are a range of measures you can take. These measures can quickly and efficiently raise your employee’s level of cyber awareness. These cyber awareness measures include –

1. Develop and implement a quick cyber awareness plan

In most businesses’ security incidents happen virtually every day without your knowledge. As such, you need to create an effective plan to identify and manage incidents. This can be relatively effortless.

Such a cyber awareness plan will help you contain the damage that any incident might cause and allow you to continue to operate.

2. Security needs to be made personal and impactful

Security needs to extend beyond the physical walls of your business. Many employees now carry devices (such as mobile phones, laptops or tablets) with company information on when they leave your premises. As such they need to be aware that their behaviors need to be secure both at work and outside of work. Leaving a laptop/tablet in a coffee shop opens up your business to insidious cyber risk.

3. Get cyber awareness buy in from management

Most businesses fail to realize that it’s not just employees that are capable of making mistakes. Management buy in is critical to the success of any cyber awareness plan. You may be great at running a business, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are cyber aware!

4. Provide interesting and effective Cyber Awareness training for employees

By providing rock-solid cyber awareness training you can quickly empower your employees to practice more secure behaviors to reduce cyber risk.

5. Don’t wait for the cyber bomb to drop!

It’s important as a business owner or manager to take the necessary steps to go above and beyond. Be prepared for a potential incident. By implementing these simple changes beforehand. You will be able to minimize the impact of any incident and ensure that your business can continue trading.

Warning! Your Cyber Awareness Needs To Be Up To Date

The range of serious cyber threats is constantly changing. It is vitally important that you provide frequent cyber awareness updates to your employees. This ensure that they are fully able to identify and act..

Hackers are constant, consistent, resourceful and imaginative. In order to counter this continuous threats, you need to make sure your employees are regularly refreshed and tested on their cyber awareness knowledge. This is an on-going process, and if done correctly takes little time and is very cost effective.

You don’t want your employees to be spending hours on this, a few minutes a week should suffice to keep them updated.

You also don’t want to be spending a lot of time on this as a manager, being able to monitor your employees to see that they have read or watched a piece of content is essential.

Most importantly this is one of Secario’s strengths. Providing quick, effective, enjoyable cyber awareness content for your staff. Training progress can easily be monitored through our one page dashboard.

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