Why Cyber Criminals Hope You Ignore Security Warnings For Your Business

Cyber Criminals Hope You Ignore Security Warnings For Your Business

Technology has provided an incredible range of opportunities for small business to market themselves to a global customer base. However, as many businesses and have rushed to adopt technology to improve efficiencies their has been little, or no, time spent considering the security implications of all this technology. What is more, few small business owners have taken the time to implement basic security controls to reduce the risk of cyber criminals.

In fact, many small business owners are unaware that the default security settings on many devices and applications are not completely secure and provide easy access for cyber criminals. For instance, many of the default settings on your devices provide hackers with a range of opportunities to access your device. As a small business owner it’s important that you take the time to understand these threats and take measures to reduce these potential vulnerabilities. Fortunately, you do not need to to be a technical guru to adjust the setting on most of your devices.

For instance if your business has a wi-fi network you can take some basic steps to secure your wireless network.

These steps will significantly reduce the chances of a cyber criminal getting access to your companies data.

These steps include –

Use encryption to secure your wireless communications – By simply enabling encryption on your wireless network you can protect the communications between your router and the devices connected to it. Encryption basically scrambles the data to make it unreadable to any third party that tries to intercept the data. You’d be surprised how many cyber criminals are monitoring wireless networks and intercepting traffic.

Change the default password on your wireless network – When you set up your wireless network for your small business or home office it is important that you set up a new password for your network. Make sure the password is unique.

Another common misconception by small business owners is that the software and hardware providers are responsible for the security of their products. While many of the major technology companies have built in some basic security measures its critical that you take the time to review the settings. This is to ensure that there are no major vulnerabilities that would allow a cyber criminal to get access to your data.

In addition, technology companies are not responsible for the way in which humans/employees interact with their devices or software applications. This is where most of the potential threats exist and thats why its important the small businesses take the time to train their staff to practise safe behaviours. Ultimately, it is down to the individual member of staff to understand the risks and to take responsibility for their digital security and that of the business.

Another  misconception is that security products i.e. antivirus will protect your devices.

The reality is that with such a broad range of cyber threats it is impossible for any single security solution to prevent all vulnerabilities. Furthermore, the range of threats is constantly evolving with new vulnerabilities emerging on a daily basis. Therefore it is important that small businesses take basic steps to develop and enhance their security posture. By taking just a small number of steps businesses can start to dramatically reduce their cyber risk. One of the biggest steps a business owner can make to reduce their cyber risk is by investing in security awareness training for their teams.

Cyber Criminals Hope You Ignore Security Warnings For Your Business.

In order to minimize the chance of being hacked you need to make sure your staff and colleagues are sufficiently aware of the latest cyber threats and how to best prevent. Take a look at how Secario helps your staff become cyber security aware by trying our first video lessons for free.

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