How To Create A Cyber Security Risk Assessment Checklist

Security Risk Assessment Checklist


If you are the owner or manager of a modern business it is important that you take the time to consider the potential cyber risks to your business. The threats to small business are real and ransomware is increasingly a major issue which could cause significant financial and reputational damage.

Therefore, it is important that business owners put together a Security Risk Assessment Checklist. This could include the type of data do you have stored on your devices? (It can be photos, work documents, but also passwords or account login credentials).

    • What online accounts do you have? Which accounts do you use more often?
    • After you made the list, you can then evaluate the types and value of the data on the different accounts. What would happen if you were denied access to those accounts? If the information was lost, deleted or leaked online what impact would this have on your business?
    • How do you keep the most sensitive information safe? What security measures have you taken in order to prevent something to happen to your data?
    • What about shared files and devices? Which employees have access to the data? Ask yourself the question, do they need access to that data to complete their day to day tasks?
    • What backup solutions do you have in place?

By putting together a Security Risk Assessment Checklist for your business you can help to significantly reduce cyber risks to your business. However, there are many areas that a business can be hacked so it is important that you take the time to consider the risks to your business so that you do not overlook any key areas. The impact of an cyber incident can be catastrophic for many small businesses and in some cases leads to the closure of the business.

Most importantly, small business owners need to be proactive with security and don’t just wait for bad things to happen before taking these measures. Unfortunately, many small business owners think that cyber criminals are focused on large businesses and therefore wait for something bad to happen before they take any security measures. They either don’t realize the threats they expose themselves to, or just consider protection to be too consuming of time, money and comfort. The reality is that cyber criminals are increasingly focusing their efforts on small businesses.

Unfortunately, nobody is and never will be safe online. Any of the online accounts that we use can be breached.

What would be the impact of a cyber incident on your small business?

What would happen if you lost access to one, or more, of your accounts?

Or that you lost access to the data you had on these accounts?

What if that data was sold? Or used to blackmail you? How much would that ruin your reputation?

These are all key questions that small business owners need to consider. If it’s too late and you’ve already been hacked, so  here is your Security Risk Assessment Checklist with all the actions that you should take in order to control the damages:

Annual Security Risk Checklist

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